Guard Holders & Cartridges for HPLC Column

Alltech® All-Guard™ Cartridge System

Simple - Fewer Parts, Fewer Seals, Fewer Problems

Fast - Change Cartridges in Seconds Without Tools

Reliable - Packed Under ISO 9001 Certified Procedures

Efficient - Matched Media and Low Dead Volume Maintain Chromatographic Performance

Mobile Phase Inlet Filters

Cup-Style Inter Filters

HastelloyR C Inlet Filter

Economy Inlet Filters

CPI Stainless Steel Inlet Filters


Moisture Traps,Oxygen Traps & Hydrocarbon, Co2 & Sulphur Traps

Moisture Traps

Remove Moisture from Your Gas System

Eliminate stationary phase degradation

Increase column life

Injection Liners

Deactivated Injection Liners

Description and Length x o.d.

Injection Liners for Agilent Instruments*


HPLC & GC Vials :

Routine & LC certified Vials

LC Certified Vials

We understand how a bad vial can disrupt productivity in your lab. It is for this reason that we set out to deliver a vial that can give peace of mind and help you stay focused on your results.

Syringes : Exmire , SGE & Hamilton

We supply all types of Exmire, SGE & Hamilton Syringes.


Colour coded / Flex Connected Peek tubing. Also Available PTFE low pressure tubing & all types of accessories.