Laboratory Water Purification System

Veero Laboratory Water Purification System

The requirement of ultrapure water used in Laboratories gave Veer O Metals a scope to venture and build our very own Laboratory Water Purification System. Our type I, II & III laboratory water purification systems give pure and ultrapure water with ease as per the India pharmacopeia norms. These water purifiers are designed especially for Pharmaceutical, Clinical, Academic, Industrial, Micro Biology, Bio-Chemistry, Food & Environmental, Research & Development Labs.


  • Auto-rinsing to ensure consistent water quality.
  • Sensing Cell displays accuracy of Conductivity & Resistivity automatically.

  • One-touch clip type filters: Easy replacement.
  • Modular design for easy maintenance.

  • LPS Switch regulates water pressure for smooth operation.

    • Pure & Ultrapure lab water system at competitive cost.

    Silent Features

    • Booster Pump : System incorporates Low noise, High pressure pump.
    • UF/UV Module : Controls the Microbial load, Pyrogens, RNase, DNase & TOC Reduction.
    • AC Module : Remove free chlorine.
    • Flush mode : Pre-programmed re-circulation cycle to maintain quality of water & cartridge life.
    • Storage Tank : Fitted with water level controller & Vent Filter provides effective protection against airborne contaminants.
    • Two-in-one system : Two spouts for TYPE-I & TYPE III water.
    • End Point Filter : Process water filtered through 0.2 filter.
    • Pre-treatment Module : Designed to treat the raw water and produce feed water within the limit of portable water/solt water).
    • Equipment : Compact for table top.
    • Input Voltage : AC 230/110 option available.


  • Water Source : Portable/RO/DM.
  • Conductivity (us/cm) : <2000.
  • Pressure (Bar) : 0.1-6.
  • Temperature (°C) : Up to 40.
  • Feed Chlorine (ppm) : <10
  • Silt Density Index : <12
  • TOC (ppb) : <2500.
  • pH : 4-10.



Chromatography: HPLC, UPLC, LC-MS and GC Elemental Analysis: AA, GFAA, ICP-MS, ICP-OES and ILC Cell Culture Molecular Biology and Bio-chemistry PCR, DNA Sequencing, DNA Microarray, Electrophoresis and Blotting.


Used in buffers, PH solutions and microbiological culture media preparation and for preparation of reagents for ch analysis used in clinical analyzers, cell culture incubator and weatherometers etc.


Analytical techniques with sensitivity at ppm level or above such as pH measure or Kjeldahl test Chemical Synthesis: Reagents Preparation.

Staining Solution Preparation for Histology Instrument Feed: Feed Water for Clinical Analyzers, Water Bath, Glassware Washing Machines, Stainless Steel Auto