It's what we do, it's all we do

Chromatography Associates, Inc. was founded in 2003 by Joe Walsh to manufacture and deliver the finest GC Capillary Columns possible.

Prior to founding Chromatography Associates, Joe Walsh was the GC product development manager for 8 years at Alltech Applied Science labs in State College.

A graduate of the Department of Food Science and Nutrition at the University of Massachusetts, Mr. Walsh has over 35 years of experience as a practicing capillary chromatographer.

Starting at the University Of Massachusetts, he worked on the capillary separation of flavor components in foods and beverages using purge and trap and thermal desorption inlets.

From there he worked as a capillary research chemist at Supelco and then as Senior research project leader and lecturer for the Restek Corporation for 7 years.

He then went on to market and lecture on thermal desorption/purge and trap equipment for T.R Associates.

Mr. Walsh has been actively involved with worldwide seminar programs and research involving development of new and improved columns and accessories for the capillary GC field.

Chrom Associates was the OEM for Alltech GC capillary column (Grace) for almost 8 years. After Grace closed its operations in chromatography business Chrom associates took the plunge in GC capillary chromatography business and started manufacturing High Quality Fused silica GC capillary columns under the brand names CA and CE.

List Of Columns

  • CA -1, CA-1MS & CA-1HT
  • CA-5 & CA-5MS
  • CA-624
  • CA-WAX
  • CA-1000
  • CA-1701
  • CA-50
  • CA-35
  • CA-Petroleum
  • CA-2887
  • CE-1, CE-5, CE-1000,CE- WAX